Disgruntled fan sums up the last 40 years of Sabres history.

Some fans have had enough.


There is an increasingly vocal segment of the Buffalo Sabres fan base that has had their fill of disappointments from the troubled franchise and on Friday one fan in particular simply could no longer keep his feelings bottled up.

That fan is Gregory Bauch and on Friday he published a video on social media where he laid it all out in as straightforward a manner as is possible. Bauch went over what he called "The history of the Buffalo Sabres in 60 seconds," a rant in which he unloads on Sabres franchise both from the past and in the current day. Bauch covers the lowest of the lows in his retelling of the let downs that fans of the franchise have suffered through over the last several decades, sparing no feelings in the process.

While there's no question that Bauch is being harsh here, deliberately so I'm sure, it's also not difficult to empathize with anyone in his position. The Sabres are the longest continuously running active NHL franchise to have never won the Stanley Cup, an honor they share with the Vancouver Canucks, and they currently boast the longest active playoff drought in the league. That streak is currently at ten years and counting, good enough to tie the NHL record, and another season of failure would see them set an NHL record for futility.

I suspect that this video was also motivated in no small part by the ongoing fiasco surrounding now former Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel, a situation that now seems more dire for the Sabres and by extension their fan base. After general manager Kevyn Adams failed to find a trade partner willing to give him the price he wanted for Eichel the team has now stripped him of his "C" with seemingly no deal in sight. This had led to a a widely held belief that Eichel's value will only depreciate over time, with rival general managers around the league all understanding that no one has been willing to meet the exorbitant demands made by the Sabres and their current management.

It's has been a frustrating time to be a Sabres fan, and perhaps no one sums it up better than this.