Disturbing new details emerge in domestic abuse case against NHLer Austin Watson.

New disturbing details emerge.

Disturbing new details emerge in domestic abuse case against NHLer Austin Watson.

National Hockey League forward Austin Watson was already in serious trouble after pleading no contest to a charge related to a domestic violence incident that occurred between him and his girlfriend, but on Tuesday things got exponentially worse for the 26 year old winger.

According to a breaking news report from The Tennessean there are now newly released police reports from the case that have resulted in more details of this case leaking out to the public. When you consider the fact that this is a major public relations nightmare for the NHL, something that almost certainly was already going to lead to a harsh suspension for Watson, the fact that more details are now getting out is simply more bad news for Watson. 

Based on what we know from previous reports we know that Watson reportedly put his hands on his girlfriend while the two of them were stopped at a gas station. There were multiple witnesses to the incident and although the victim in the case attempted to have the charges against Watson dropped, the presence of those aforementioned witnesses resulted in the state moving forward with the case. Now however we have much more specific detail about the incident that occurred on that night.

According to the new police report the key witness in the case was smoking a cigarette, that is when the witness spotted the abuse from Watson. The witness was concerned enough to flag down police and alert them to the situation, eventually resulting in Watson's arrest and the situation he now faces today. 

The new report indicates that the victim initially denied that Watson had touched her but eventually admitted that he had caused scratches on her chest. The witness added that when the SUV that the couple was travelling in arrived at the gas station that Watson "swatted" his girlfriend and prevented her from getting out of the vehicle. Perhaps most damning of all though was the fact that the victim in this case informed police that Watson had put his hands on her before, in fact perhaps even several times before.

 "Sometimes he gets handsy," said the victim as per the Tennessean.

The concerns do not end there however, apparently when police arrived on the scene the victim had been bloodied as well although we do not have confirmation regarding whether or not Watson was responsible for those injuries. The victim allegedly had suffered a bruised heel somehow and also had blood on her heel when law enforcement examined her, although again we do not know for certain if Watson was the cause of this as well.

Watson received only three months of probation following a plea of no contest on the 24th of July and he will have his record expunged as long as he obeys the conditions of that probation. That may seem like too light of a punishment, and maybe it is, but Watson will also have to suffer the impact that this incident will have on his career, and that may be the far bigger penalty in the long run. 

This latest police report certainly won't be doing him any favors.