Disturbing new footage of Alex Galchenyuk’s arrest leaked!

Disturbing new footage of Alex Galchenyuk’s arrest leaked!

This is troubling…



On Wednesday evening, newly released body camera footage taken by responding Scottsdale Police officers show the interaction they had with former NHL forward Alex Galchenyuk on the day he was arrested on charges of private property hit and run, disorderly conduct, failure to obey, resisting arrest and threatening or intimidating.

When the report first came out in July, it said Galchenyuk allegedly threatened to “chop” an officer who responded to the hit-and-run incident and cut out the kidneys of the officer’s family members. The police report states that the suspect allegedly told Scottsdale police: “I will end your bloodline. One phone call and you’re dead.”

The newly released video confirms what Galchenyuk said very aggressively to the officiers, and shows a disturbing side to the player.

”I’m gonna chop you, your wife, your daughter.”
”Let me go or I will make one phone call. You’ll never see your family, how scary is that?”
”One phone call and you’re all dead, your whole family, your bloodline is dead.”

Galchenyuk’s father, who was present at the scene, told officiers he had never seen his son act this way and it is clear from the new video that Galchenyuk was impaired.

After the incident, the Arizona Coyotes terminated the contract of Galchenyuk. He has since joined the roster of St. Petersburg.

After his six-year stint with the Montreal Canadiens, who selected him third overall back in the 2012 NHL Draft, Galchenyuk bounced around the NHL, playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins , Minnesota Wild , Ottawa Senators , Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche along with Arizona, where he was hoping to return to settle down.

He probably hear about this new footage even though he now resides in Russia...

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