Dolores Claman, composer of the Hockey Night In Canada theme song, has died.

The creator of the legendary theme has passed away.


The average hockey fan has likely never heard of Dolores Claman, but I don't think it would be a stretch to say that she may have been one of the most influential figures in the sport of hockey, at least in Canada, maybe even of all time.

Sadly on Saturday Claman's daughter, Madelaine Morris, announced that her mother had passed away this week in Spain at the age of 94 years old. Claman had been diagnosed with dementia two years prior to her passing this week. 

So why was Dolores Claman so influential on the sport of hockey in Canada? Well as the story goes Dolores was working for an advertising agency in 1968 when she was asked to compose what would become the official theme song for the Hockey Night In Canada broadcast. The song, which has since been heard by millions around the country and across the globe, would go on to become perhaps one of the most iconic in the sport of hockey. Although it has been modified to some degree over the years as the broadcast attempts to modernize it and keep it fresh, you can still hear that trademark sound in the original that just gets you pumped and ready for some hockey.

It is truly a masterpiece and one that will continue to touch the lives and uplift the spirits of so many sports fans across the country even now after Dolores has passed on. 

Morris has indicated that she will now scatter her mother's ashes at two different locations. The first, because her mother admired the gardens of U.K.’s Regent’s Park, will be at Regent's Park and the other will be in the Mediterranean sea because her mother loved to travel.

Our thoughts are with the Claman and Morris families at this time as they deal with the passing of Dolores, but we take solace in the fact that she lived a full life filled with incredible accomplishments such as composing this wonderful song. May she rest in peace.

There's simply no way we can thank you enough for the countless times your song has put smiles on every one of our faces.