Domi chases down Dadonov like a mad man after getting kneed in the head!

This will make his father proud…

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Max Domi wanted to have a great game against the Florida Panthers, and while the Montreal Canadiens forward put an end to his 17-game goal drought in the 5-1 victory, he was on fire everywhere on the ice… And by that, we mean his temper. 

Domi looked like a mad man most of the night and it started in the first period when he got into it with Mike Matheson in front of the Panthers’ net. While the officials attempted to break them apart, Domi wasn’t having any of it and violently ripped the helmet off the head of Matheson to get him to drop the gloves. Domi got a double minor for roughing and from the penalty box, he made sure to laugh at Matheson’s face to let him know he was expecting more from the Panthers’ enforcer. 

It didn’t stop there: in the third period, the Panthers were pulling every move they could to score on backup Antti Niemi, who was spectacular that night, and in the process, defenseman Aaron Ekblad ran over Domi. 

The Habs forward fell to the ice and Panthers’ Evgenii Dadanov accidentally kneed him in the face. The Panthers forward looked completely surprised to run him over, but Domi was furious. 

As soon as he hit the ice, Dome got up and chased Dadnov, ready to fight him. He had to be held by the officials, who appeared to be telling him it was an accident. 

Fans on social media were quick to say that Domi looked like Johnny Torrance from The Shining in the famous scene “Here’s Johnny!”

Fans at the Bell Centre chanted Domi’s name after the play. We all know his father will be proud…