Domingue wins the best celly award after Tampa's win to clinch Presidents' Trophy!

Everybody is talking about the Hurricanes' celebrations, but the goalie is now in the lead!

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Everybody has been talking about the Carolina Hurricanes post games celebrations, however, Tampa Bay Lightning backup goalie Louis Domingue sure got the attention of the league last night when he celebrated his team's win to clinch the President Trophy. 

The Lightning has been able to count on the services of Domingue, who always managed to come out strong during the absence of starter Andrei Vasilevskiy, who was sidelined with injuries a few times this season. The 27-year-old backup has a 20-5 record this season, but came out on top on Monday night in the best celebration award category after he helped the Lightning win 4-1 over the Arizona Coyotes. 

Domingue got out around the team's dressing room in his own little green moped, riding around with pride. He rode with his entire gear still on, taking the entire hallway with his pads coming out on both sides. 

But he didn't care. Big win, baby! 

In the Bolts' win, captain Steven Stamkos made history with his first period goal, which was the 384th of his career moving him past Vincent Lecavalier for first on the Bolts' all-time goal scoring list.

What a great night for Tampa Bay and Domingue found the best way to celebrate it in style!