Don Cherry absolutely destroys veteran forward, calls him “dumb” and “not a good hockey player.”

Don Cherry was on fire tonight!

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Whether you love him or hate him Don Cherry remains one of the most respected voices in hockey, so when he goes out of his way to call you out, not only does the power of that voice follow, but thousands of fans across the world are made aware of it as well.

On Thursday night, one day following Game 4 of the second round playoff series between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, Cherry absolutely went off on veteran forward Nick Bonino.

"He's not a  good hockey player," said Cherry during his Coach's Corner segment.

"That's not the Canadian way."

As many of you know, Bonino earned himself an Oscar nomination on Thursday night when he sold a phantom high-stick, and has since been on the receiving end of criticism from across the league. Perhaps none has been as harsh as Cherry thus far however, although the comment about the Canadian way seems strange given that Bonino is an American-born player.