Don Cherry backs former Canucks anthem singer who was fired for promoting anti-mask propaganda

Grapes blames “the left” for Mark Donnelly's firing.


In case you missed it this past weekend, Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini made a very public firing, axing long-time anthem singer Mark Donnelly after Donnelly committed to singing 'O Canada' at an anti-mask rally in downtown Vancouver.

Check it out:

Aquilini evidently wasn't impressed with how Donnelly represented his team by participating in the event and, being that Donnelly has a very public job, I can't blame the Canucks owner. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it doesn't mean that everyone is entitled to employment as well. While Donnelly may not get much support from this hockey fan, he's got a big time supporter in legendary CBC broadcasting great Don Cherry.

“When you give your opinion, you better be prepared to pay the price,” Cherry said in conversation with the Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington. “Going to a ‘no-mask rally’ was not the politically correct thing to do. You have to do what the left media want now. I should know.”

Cherry, of course, is referring to his own firing after the CBC and Rogers Sportsnet capitulated to fans who were offended with his now infamous "you people" Remembrance Day speech from 2019.

“Would Mark Donnelly be in trouble expressing his opinion had it been in favour of masks and lockdowns?” asks Grapes.

“He may even become more popular now,” said Cherry, who cited his own Grapevine podcast which was “on Apple’s most popular new podcasts of 2020 list” and boasts reaching “two and a half million listeners” including former Boston Bruin “John Winsink who was driving in the U.S. and heard it on the radio.”