Don Cherry calls out the NHL's officiating in the playoffs.

Cherry thinks the NHL got it wrong.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 1 year ago
Don Cherry calls out the NHL's officiating in the playoffs.

The 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs have been highly entertaining thus far and although we have had some controversial moments, as is almost always the case, for the most part things have gone pretty smoothly for the National Hockey League this time around.

One of those controversial moments came on Saturday night during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final, a game that was contested between the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. During the game Lightning captain Steven Stamkos would score twice, and it was his second goal that would prove to be the source of controversy. Stamkos would deflect the puck into the net off of his leg or knee and would make contact with Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin on the play, resulting in some feeling that the goal should have been called back.

The latest to share their insight on this particular topic is former host of Coach's Corner and veteran NHL analyst Don Cherry. On the most recent episode of his podcast Cherry was asked about the goal scored by Stamkos, only to bring the topic back to another controversial moment that took place in this year's Stanley Cup playoffs.

"The second goal... now they didn't count the goal in Calgary... it wasn't [a distinct kicking motion] it was steered in," said Cherry on his podcast. "Now the second goal last night it went off his knee... The people in Calgary are a little upset, some of the people should be upset that they counted that goal and they didn't count the Calgary goal."

"Anyhow I'm speaking now for the people of Calgary," said Cherry. "They should have won, they should have won that game... they're still talking about that goal in Calgary."

Cherry is of course referring to the now infamous goal scored by Calgary Flames forward Blake Coleman in Game 5 of the Battle of Alberta contested between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames, a goal that would be called back by the officials for a distinct kicking motion.

Cherry is far from being alone with this opinion as well. Following the call on the ice in Game 5 between the Oilers and Flames, both The Athletic's Scott Wheeler and Sportsnet's David Alter pointed to just how inconsistent the NHL's officiating has been on this particular topic.