Don Cherry goes off on Toronto's William Nylander.

Cherry not having it.

Don Cherry goes off on Toronto's William Nylander.

To absolutely no one's surprise legendary National Hockey League broadcaster Don Cherry had plenty to complain about on the latest edition of Coach's Corner. Also unsurprising was the background, European, of the two players he decide to unleash a bit of a tirade on.

The always grumpy Cherry, dressed in an absurd outfit in tribute to St. Patrick's Day, called out two players for a recent incident that went relatively unnoticed, except perhaps by Philadelphia Flyers forward Jakub Voracek. The two players who were the target of Cherry's ire were Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander and Philadelphia Flyers forward Oskar Lindblom and it was for what would have otherwise been a relatively harmless interaction between the two men during a game earlier in the week.

It was a hotly contested affair by the time it was all said and done but Cherry focused in on an exchange that saw Nylander and Lindblom exchange a few works in the opening moments of the game's second period. Cherry took issue with the fact that, in a game that was currently tied a 1 - 1, both men were smiling and laughing with one another when they were opponents out on the ice. Cherry in fact went so far as to suggest that the two looked so pleased with one another that they "look like they are about to kiss each other." 

I can certainly see Cherry's point here given that absolutely every point counts at this stage of the season, even for a team like Philadelphia that doesn't have all that much hope of closing a 7 point gap in the standings within the 11 games remaining games their schedule. As for the Leafs the team has faltered as of late after a terrific season for their organization and Nylander himself has produced just 5 goals in the 43 games he has played since his major hold out this past fall.

What is interesting about Cherry's comments here is that he appears to have been cosigned by a very well respected NHL veteran in the process, the aforementioned Jakub Voracek. Voracek can clearly be seen, at the end of the clip provided by Cherry, admonishing Lindblom for exactly what Cherry took issue with.