Don Cherry goes on yet another xenophobic rant.

Oh come on Don now, get on with the time.

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DISCLAIMER : This piece is a mix of opinion and facts in reaction to a very punctual event. 

Don Cherry's bread and butter is controversy. After so many years playing hockey, he went in front of the camera to lead a pretty prolific commentating career. Most of the time, he comes as a pretty lucid and independent mind, never shy about giving his opinion. From comments about the need for more fights in hockey to calling players wearing a visor weak, he's been known for pushing the envelope more than anyone else. 

However, this time his rant goes a bit further and take a nationalistic turn. Don Cherry is known for his clear positive bias toward Canadian players, but he never voiced it as clearly as this one. 

Since there's a chance for that short text to be deleted soon, here's a screenshot of his poetry. 

As a disclaimer, the guy writing this article is Canadian, so you would expect me to be pretty happy about Cherry's note. However, in 2017 hockey has grown way beyond national borders and Canada is no longer the golden standard. Sure, the facts given in his notes can't be argued. Thing is, correlating draft picks to actual NHLers performing at the peak of their career is a bit ludicrous. More and more excellent players come from Finland, Sweden, Europe and even Japan now, so the Canadian argument belongs to a museum. 

Cherry attacks specifically the Maple Leafs for their choices while eleven of their players come from Canada. Mitch Marner is growing into a superstar in the roster. In fact, Mike Babcock  built his stellar coaching reputation leading a team filled with Swedish and Americans back in Detroit. 

To put it clearly, nationality is not a valid argument when evaluating a draft prospect, it's only a marketing tool. 

We normally try to be neutral when publishing news story but this one was a bit too much. Sorry, eh!