Don Cherry shares his unfiltered thoughts on Kyle Dubas.
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Don Cherry shares his unfiltered thoughts on Kyle Dubas.

Don Cherry goes off on Kyle Dubas and the Hockey Night in Canada panel.

Jonathan Larivee

Over the weekend the Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against former general manager Kyle Dubas and his new team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, since Dubas' shocking firing last summer at the hands of Maple Leafs president of hockey operations Brendan Shanahan.

The clash against Dubas' new team provided an opportunity for many in Toronto to reflect on the former general manager's time in Toronto, a topic that was discussed during the broadcast of the game itself during Hockey Night in Canada. Members of the Hockey Night in Canada panel were quick to praise Dubas for the work he had done in a leadership role with the Maple Leafs, praise that not everyone feels has been well earned.

On his latest podcast, veteran National Hockey League analyst Don Cherry took his former colleagues at Hockey Night in Canada to task for praising Dubas while being very critical of the former Maple Leafs general manager.

"I don't think he did a good job," said Cherry. "I don't understand. The salary cap... he maxed that out, he didn't get by the second round, I just don't think he did a good job."

Dubas received universal praise from members of the Hockey Night in Canada panel for a job well done in Toronto, including from former NHL players Kevin Bieksa and Kelly Hrudey, but Cherry doesn't believe they genuinely mean what they said about the former Maple Leafs GM.

"They are gonna meet Dubas in the hall, what are they gonna do say something bad about him?" asked Cherry.

While many have been praising Dubas for his work in Toronto, it is clear that Cherry will not let that praise go unchallenged.