Don Cherry tells it as it is in regards to Gerard Gallant firing.

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Don Cherry has always been known to never hold anything back when on air during Hockey Night in Canada.

It often gets him in hot water but he doesn't care. Tonight, he decided to talk about the firing of Gerard Gallant by the Florida Panthers. He went on to say "this is the worst firing in the history of the world". Typical Cherry. 

The thing is that he isn't overly wrong. Most people in the NHL and even the Panthers players themselves were not happy how everything happened and even the fact that it did happen. Gallant had a great season with with Panthers last year and even though things weren't going as well as they hoped so far this season, it didn't really warrant Gallant to be fired.

This topic will most likely be talked about for the rest of the season. One thing for sure, only Don Cherry can talk about it in the way he did.