Don Cherry: “This guy is the jerk of jerks”

Cherry had some harsh words for this player!

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Much has been written or said about Emelin's hit on Joe Colborne yet we still had to hear what Don Cherry had to say. If you still haven't seen it, here goes:

"This guy is the jerk of jerks. You just don't do stuff like this if the score is 10-1, either way," said Cherry warning a the kids playing minor hockey across Canada to appropriately behave when they're on the ice. "Kids, always be aware when you have a jerk like that," Cherry added. "You have a code of honour. When you're up or when you're down in the last five minutes you never have a hit like that."

Cherry is known to be harsh with the Montreal Canadiens' player but he took Carey Price following his recent stare at the bench: "You get them out at the right time," said Cherry. "[Hall of Famer] Kenny Dryden in my book said that yes, he got pulled once by [former Canadiens head coach] Scotty Bowman but he never got pulled during the game. You never get pulled during the game. ... You don't pull a guy like that."