Don Cherry trends amidst Hockey Canada sex scandal and fans strongly react

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Hockey Canada is still in the midst of an alleged sexual assault scandal that has rocked the entire organization. As you more heard more than once over the past months, an unnamed young woman has alleged that she was sexually assaulted by 8 members of Team Canada’s 2018 World Junior Championship roster. Once these allegations became public and it became apparent that Hockey Canada had paid the woman for her silence. There was public outcry leading to an investigation by the government of Canada. Now, Hockey Canada’s entire executive staff is being called to resign and there’s real concern that the world’s largest hockey development program will lose its government funding.

The topic is hot and has been trending ever since, and on Thursday, Don Cherry ended up trending as well when Hockey Canada was mentioned.

One fan, Marcus Medford posted the following tweet: “This Hockey Canada scandal has me reflecting on the Don Cherry “you people” rant from a few years ago. I remember a female journalist of colour said Cherry deserved to be fired and called out hockey’s exclusive and toxic culture and she got DRAGGED.
She’s owed an apology.”

We get why the culture towards women must change, but fans quickly responded to Medford, wondering why he would link Don Cherry to the Hockey Canada scandal with his tweet. Fans got mad and here are some of the replies:

When Cherry got caught up in his own scandal, we get how and why people react to it. But not sure how he gets linked to the Hockey Canada’s recent allegations.

People need to be careful. I am not saying Cherry is innocent, but when it comes to this, he does not deserve to be trending alongside this hop topic.