Don’t worry: Bettman was booed at the Stanley Cup final!

Some things never change!

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Fans wanted it, and no one can argue with this. We would have all love for DJ Johnny Infamous to pipe in with recorded boos ready for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman when he stepped on the ice to speak to the Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning on Monday. 

Hey, traditions are traditions! 

We were disappointed that Bettman went through his entire speech about the success of the NHL’s Return to Play plan and the pride everyone should feel as part of this unique postseason. We got to hear every single word from his mouth. 

It was somewhat comforting when we found out, thanks to NHL insider Arpon Basu of The Athletic, who was on site in Edmonton for the Stanley Cup final, that some fans in Tampa Bay held true to the tradition. Basu retweeted someone saying they attended a party where everyone booed the commissioner as soon as he started speaking on Monday. 

It would have been quite epic if the players of the Lightning, the champions themselves started booing the Commish in his speech! Instead, they didn’t even listen to what he had to say, waiting to crowd around him for a league first picture around the trophy, before captain Steven Stamkos hoisted it in the air. 

This will always be a tradition: 

Boo Gary, boo!