Donald Brashear goes off, takes on two guys in Quebec senior league

This guy is 51 years old!


Here's something I learned today: Donald Brashear is still playing (semi)professional hockey.

The 51 year old former NHL enforcer has been playing for Wendake of the Ligue de Hockey Senior Du Lac Au Fleuve (LHSLF), which is a semi-pro league featuring just four teams in the Lac au Fleuve area of Quebec. This past weekend Brashear earned himself a game misconduct in the league for taking on two opponents, leaving one bloodied on the ice.

Check out the entire exchange here and watch for Brashear going over top of the ref to get at a second opponent:

C'mon, Donny...

Why are you doing this, bud?

You played 15 years in the NHL, man. You don't have to stoop to this level. Most of the guys playing in this league should be lining up for Brashear's autograph, not looking for him to drop the mitts.

I dunno... something about this entire situation just makes me feel bad for Brashear, even though he's not the one getting his face re-arranged.