Draisaitl fails to hide disgust with Pietrangelo in handshake line.

Draisaitl fails to hide disgust with Pietrangelo in handshake line.

Leon Draisaitl wasn't willing to let the slash from earlier in the series go as he was forced to shake hands with Pietrangelo.

Jonathan Larivee

The series may be over but this moment definitely gave me the impression that the bad blood between the Edmonton Oilers and Las Vegas Golden Knights won't be going away anytime soon.

As all of you reading this know by now, the Golden Knights advanced past the Oilers in Game 6 on Sunday night, eliminating the Oilers from playoff contention in the process. As is tradition in the sport of hockey, after a hard fought series players put their animosity aside and shake hands at the end of the game in what is known as a 'handshake line.'

Many were curious to see how Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl would react to being forced to shake the hand of Golden Knights defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, this afer Pietrangelo delivered a nasty looking and premeditated slash to Draisaitl earlier in the series.

As you might expect, Draisaitl wasn't too thrilled at the idea and he made little attempt to hide his disgust with Pietrangelo on Sunday night. As the two men approached in the handshake line, Draisaitl refused to make eye contact with Pietrangelo and immediately yanked his hand away from the Golden Knights defenseman in an unmistakable gesture of disgust.

This rivalry may be far from over, especially as far as Draisaitl is concerned.