Drake gets emotional over Justin Bieber in the NHL All Star Draft
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Drake gets emotional over Justin Bieber in the NHL All Star Draft

This... this is just weird, man.



The NHL held its 2024 NHL All-Star Game Draft this evening and... well... it was just about as big as a 'cringe-fest' as you would expect from the league.

Try as it might each season, the NHL just has a way of turning potentially entertaining content pieces into awkward snooze-fests and tonight's festivities were no different. Team 'Hughes' featuring captains Quinn Hughes, Jack Hughes and Elias Pettersson selected Nikita Kucherov 1st overall to the surprise of just about everyone in attendance. From there though, things went pretty much how you'd expect. Captains Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews and Nathan MacKinnon all selected their teammates or offseason buddies with very few surprises.

Superstars Justin Bieber and Tate McCrae both looked like they'd rather be doing their laundry than engaging in an NHL Draft. Superstar rapper Drake didn't see it that way though, he posted on social media saying that he was so impressed by Bieber that he was almost moved to tears.

Check it out:

Brah... are you for real? C'mon...

Frankly, it wasn't near as entertaining as the last time the league did this All-Star draft style, back when then-Toronto Maple Leafs forward Phil Kessel was selected with the final pick to everybody's amusement.

Remember this?

So... who went last overall this evening?

Step right up: Oliver Bjorkstrand!

Technically, there were four 'last picks' as the NHL rigged things so that the final four players were randomly assigned to teams. I guess, so that no one's feelings get hurt? Just absolute nonsense...

In any case, Bjorkstrand was last in line so to me he's the final pick! Welcome to the Kessel Club, Oliver!

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