Drew Doughty sends a warning to Connor McDavid.

Doughty warns McDavid.

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The Los Angeles Kings will be facing off against the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night, and it appears that Kings superstar defenseman Drew Doughty will have his eyes set on one player. 

Speaking with the media Doughty spoke about his excitement at once again the chance to face Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid, but there was also a warning in the comments from Doughty.

“I don’t forget those things, ever,” Doughty said as per the LA times. “I kind of owe him one. The only way I can really owe him is by hitting him, I think.

McDavid will want to keep his head up during the game because Doughty is no stranger to delivering the big hit, and if he is holding a grudge against McDavid you know it will be coming with some intent behind it.

It's unclear why Doughty feels he owes one to McDavid but we assume it's likely that he got burnt on a play and it has lingered in the back of his mind ever since. McDavid will definitely want to be fully aware of where Doughty is at all times when he steps out onto the ice.