Drouin roasts his teammate after taking a puck to the face.

What a burn!

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Something tells me this might be a running joke in the Montreal Canadiens for quite some time moving forward. 

On Saturday night the Montreal Canadiens and all of those in attendance at the Centre Bell got a bit of a scare when one of the organizations top talents went down very early on during pregame warmups. The whole thing happened so fast that reporters on the scene were left confused as to what exactly had happened to Drouin with some even reporting that he had merely failed to show up on the ice. 

This immediately led to speculation that Drouin had either been injured or perhaps had come down with some kind of illness that resulted in him being pulled from the line up at the very last moment. We would of course eventually learn what really happened, somehow in the opening moments of the Habs pregame warmups Drouin was struck directly in the face by an errant shot and was forced to retreat to the lock room for repairs. Thankfully for the Habs it did not appear to be anything serious and after spending a little bit of time back in the locker room the Habs star forward eventually reemerged from the back and returned to the ice with his teammates.

It was after the game however that the real magic happened and it may in fact have been motivated by Jonathan Drouin's desire for a little good natured revenge. At the time of the incident we had not learned who had fired the shot that struck Drouin in the face, but following the game Drouin was more than happy to share the identity of the teammate that had fired off the sloppy shot. A line of questioning from one reporter produced a hilarious response from Drouin, one that resulted in the absolute roasting one of of his teammates. 

Here's the exchange as per Sportsnet's Eric Engels:

Reporter: You have a bit of an accident in warm up?

Drouin: Yeah, took a shot in the teeth.

Reporter: Anything broken? All good.

Drouin: No, nothing broken. It was Mete's shot, so no problems. 

Drouin is of course referring to 20 year old Montreal Canadiens' defenseman Victor Mete here and more importantly he appears to be referring to how consistently weak the pucks that come off Mete's stick are. Make no mistake about it Drouin knew exactly what he was doing when he made this comment and I have no doubt that he will be hearing about it from Mete when the young Habs defenseman catches wind of Drouin's comments. 

Just to be clear here there was clearly no malice in the comments from Drouin and it was very much intended to be a good natured joke at the expense of a teammate who probably had it coming all things considered. The comments from Drouin elicited more than a few chuckles from those in attendance to ask him questions, in fact Engels himself says that be busted out laughing when the comment was made. 

Drouin may have taken a puck to the face but I think he wins this round nonetheless.