Drysdale leaves Sunday's game injured after big hit.

Drysdale leaves Sunday's game injured after big hit.

The recently acquired Flyers defenseman suffered a concerning looking injury during Sunday's game.

Jonathan Larivee

This has to be an area of concern if you're the Philadelphia Flyers.

On Sunday, recently acquired Flyers defenseman Jamie Drysdale was shaken up when he was on the receiving end of a big hit from Pittsburgh Penguins fourth liner Jansen Harkins.

Drysdale appeared to be favoring his arm after the hit and it could be seen resting dead against his side as he clutched at it while making his way off the ice. That being said this was a big impact, and it is unclear at this time exactly how Drysdale has been injured.

Here's another slow motion angle:

Things looked like they might have gotten even worse for the Flyers when forward Tyson Foerster left the game with an injury of his own, but thankfully Foerster has since returned to the game.