Dubas says he has “no magical solution” to Leafs' problems after deadline day flop

Here's an idea... sign Ayres to back up Freddy?

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We’ve all heard the jokes by now… the Leafs got beat by a 42 year old Zamboni driver. Yada yada yada...

It was a historic, and frankly hilarious, moment of course, but with the NHL’s trade deadline now come and gone it’s old news. So… what now? Leafs GM Kyle Dubas did barely anything to address his team’s needs going into the stretch drive and media and fan criticism of this team has only ramped up.

So… what gives? 

What’s the plan, Kyle?

Damn… didn’t expect that kind of honesty from Dubas, to be honest.

The fact is, the Leafs are still very much in the mix for a playoff spot and could be a dangerous team to face in the first round. Dubas knows this and isn’t afraid to stick up for his team.

Hey, Kyle… you know why people written the obituary for your team? You lost to a f***ing Zamboni driver, bro… give your head a shake.

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