Dubnyk once again showing he is one of the best in the league.

He continues to add to his insane numbers

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Devan Dubnyk is one heck of a story. From almost being out of the league to saving the Minnesota Wild and the fairy tale continues.

Ok, so last season wasn't as good as he had hoped for, even though he still had 32 wins. However, everyone in Minnesota and throughout the NHL still remember how he joined the Wild halfway through the season and basically saved their season. He played 39 games, picking up 27 wins and some insane numbers. 1.78 GAA and .936 save %. If not for have joining the Wild so late into the season, he might have even won the Vezina.

This season it looks like he wants to once again throw his name in the Vezina mix. In the 13 games he has started so far, he has 7 wins with a ridiculous 1.47 GAA and even crazier .952 save % helped along by his league leading 4 shutouts. In the games he has lost, he hasn't gotten much help offensively so he should probably have at least a few more wins.

It's hard to imagine where the Wild would be without him.