Duchene sparks controversy by wearing shirt from rival NHL area.

Duchene sparks controversy with picture of himself on social media.

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Colorado Avalanche star Matt Duchene has sparked somewhat of a controversy after publishing a photo of himself on social media that some fans of the National Hockey League have linked to a rival area.

Duchene published a photo of himself enjoying a "Sunday cruise" with his family and in that photo he can be seen wearing a red shirt and on that shirt we see large print that reads "Home Team."

With Duchene in his home town of Haliburton, Ontario the shirt seems to be perfectly reasonable, however some fans have focused on the three stars inside the "o" in home on the shirt, three stars that are frankly identical to those found on the Tennessee  state flag. Tennessee is of course the home of the Nashville Predators and that has led some to prematurely leap to conclusions regarding Duchene's decision to publish this particular photo.

For all we know this is merely a coincidence or, perhaps even better, Duchene is actively trolling hockey fans regarding the ongoing trade rumors surrounding him and the Colorado Avalanche. 

Here's the photo that has sparked all the controversy.