Ducks coach Cronin thrown out of the game after ridiculous blown call!
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Ducks coach Cronin thrown out of the game after ridiculous blown call!

A referee on a power trip!



It's absolute bedlam in Pittsburgh this evening after a terrible blown call by referee Frederick L’Ecuyer.

The Ducks appeared to score on Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry, but the goal was waived off due to goaltender interference and... well... I'll let you make the call yourself.

Check this out:

Uh... that's goalie interference?

If that's the case then you need to replay the 1999 Stanley Cup Final tomorrow... Dominik Hasek and the Buffalo Sabres were robbed.

To make matters worse, Cronin used his Coach's Challenge to try to reverse the call on the ice, but was unsuccessful. L'Ecuyer ruled that Jarry was in fact interfered with and that the goal would not count. Additionally, the Ducks were charged with a 2 minute minor penalty for an unsuccessful Coach's Challenge. That's when Cronin went ballistic and started giving it to the officials, earning himself a 2 minute unsportsmanlike minor and, ultimately, a game misconduct penalty. 

Check it out:

Yikes... talk about doubling down on an absolutely BRUTAL call.

You know what? Typically, I'm not a fan of a head coach blowing a gasket and getting himself tossed from a game, but in this case I'm with Cronin. The Ducks are NOT a contending team and, honestly, they don't have much to play for this season. In situations like this, it's up to the team's leadership group (and yes that includes the head coach) to show the rest of the team that they give a damn and that they won't be pushed around so easily. Even if you believe that Jarry WAS interfered with, I like this play from Cronin. Now, I understand that the officials aren't the opposition, but sometimes you've got to take a stand even if it means losing some face to your players. Show them that you're not just going to eat crap all the time and smile about it.

Assistant coaches Newell Brown, Brent Thompson and Craig Johnson are all still on the bench and it appears that Brown has taken over head coaching duties in Cronin's absence.

Source: Joe Haggerty