Ducks' legend is tired of your phone calls!

He's not amused anymore!

Ducks' legend is tired of your phone calls!

Being a Hollywood star has its perks for sure. You get the money, you get the fame and you can enjoy life on your own terms. However, some guys have a tougher time keeping it private than others. Talk to Emilio Estevez about it. 

The Hollywood star is best known for his position as the Mighty Ducks coach in the famous movies about the junior team. He starred as Gordon Bombay, a young and highly motivated coach looking to get as much as possible out of his players. However, according to reports he's not laughing anymore. 

“I’m really getting sick of this. It was cute at first, but it’s been all night. Also, one person called about the Breakfast Club, which was random and weird too.”

He even gets mistaken for the real Ducks coach, which is kind of wierd. 

“No, yeah, I’m not involved in any way. That’s a professional hockey team, I played a coach for kids in a movie a couple times. Yeah, no, common misunderstanding. Glad you’ve got it, say hi to dad for me,Charlie.”