Ducks second rounder cried after being claimed earlier today.

A huge moment for him!

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The draft is pretty exciting to watch for outsiders and fans. All the suspense and drama surrounding each teams picks is pretty good TV to watch and each year has its own story. This one might is pretty special though and deserved to be told. 

The Ducks picked 60th in the second round and went after Antoine Morand. On a pure hockey side of things, the 5'7'' 170lbs defenseman is seen as a very talented, yet diminutive defenseman. He's a good prospect for will need to add a few extra pounds to have a shot at the big show. 

However, all these considerations were not that important when his named was called. After years of hard work and battling with critiques, he had finally made it to the NHL. His reaction is worth a thousand words. 

These tears are happy tears, but there seems to have a lot more behind it. Relief, pride, hope? Only Morand himself knows, but this little sequence is a nice glimpse inside the life of an aspiring NHLer who's finally made it. 

Well done kid!