Dylan Larkin injured 28 seconds into today's game.

Dylan Larkin injured 28 seconds into today's game.

The captain of the Detroit Red Wings was injured

Jonathan Larivee

The day started off well for the Detroit Red Wings, but that did not last very long at all.

During Saturday's clash between the Red Wings and Florida Panthers, the Red Wings would lose their captain, forward Dylan Larkin, just 28 seconds into the game.

Larkin was injured when his fellow teammate, Red Wings defenseman Jeff Petry, fired off a shot from the blue line that would find its way through traffic right to Larkin's knee.

The Red Wings captain would collapse to the ice in a heap and appeared entirely unable to move under his own power. Larkin had to be carried off the ice by two other teammates, forward Alex Debrincat and defenseman Simon Edvinsson. Although they would manage to get Larkin back to the bench, it would take two more members of the Red Wings staff to help Larkin back to the locker room.

Of course none of this looks good for the Red Wings who are very much in a must win scenario today.

Update: Larkin attempted to return to the game, but that was very short lived. After only a brief moment on the ice, Larkin would leave the game and has yet to return.

Update: Larkin has returned to the ice in the second period.