Dylan Strome reveals brutal injury to T.,J. Oshie.

Dylan Strome reveals brutal injury to T.,J. Oshie.

Unbelievable comments from Dylan Strome about 'one of the best teammates' he's ever had.

Jonathan Larivee

The Washington Capitals have been eliminated from the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs, eliminated in a 4 game sweep by the New York Rangers, but the bigger story coming out of Washington may surround the future of beloved National Hockey League forward T.J. Oshie.

Following the conclusion of Game 4, Oshie's teammate, Dylan Strome, would reveal that Oshie has been dealing with a major injury and that the veteran forward has had significant challenges when it comes to getting himself and his body ready for the rigors of NHL hockey. 

"He's a warrior, no other way to describe it," said Strome following the loss in Game 4. "He's one of the best teammates I've ever had over these two years. Just the things he needs to do to get his body ready for a hockey game, you guys would be stunned if you saw it."

When Strome revealed that Oshie was dealing with a major injury he wasn't simply spilling the beans, instead Strome let the info slip when he was praising Oshie for battling through so much this season.

"If it is his last game, he's a hell of a warrior, hell of a guy. Everything you can ask for in a teammate. Guy puts his heart and soul on the line each shift. Played today with a broken hand."

Oshie still has one more year remaining on his current deal with the Washington Capitals, but it remains to be seen if he will be healthy enough to play next season. Given Strome's comments on Sunday, that seems far from guaranteed.