Dynamo captain Timur Fayzutdinov suffers life-threatening injury in playoff game.

Horrible news from overseas.


We have some terrible news to report. 

According to an official announcement from the Dynamo St. Petersburg hockey club, team captain Timur Fayzutdinov is fighting for his life after suffering a very serious injury during a playoff game against Yaroslavl Lokomotiv that took place yesterday. Although the details surrounding this situation are still not entirely clear, what we do know is that Fayzutdinov was struck by a puck during the game and is now in intensive care after suffering what has been describe as life threatening injuries. 

Obviously whenever any player is hurt while playing our beautiful game it is a huge cause for concern, but by the sound of things this is no normal injury. 

Although there has thus far been no video released of this incident, fans who witnessed it live are reporting that the puck would have struck Fayzutdinov somewhere in the area of his ear and/or neck. One fan described it as the exposed ear hole on the players helmet, while another believes that it would have struck him just below the jaw and in the neck. 

What makes this even worse is that Fayzutdinov is not some grown man playing for Dynamo in the Kontinental Hockey League, but is instead just a young kid at 19 years of age who was playing for the Youth Hockey branch of Dyanmo's hockey program. The club spoke extremely highly of him in their press release, which was in Russian, stating that in the nearly 200 games he had played for their organization he had never taken a single game off and had never given anything less than his maximum possible effort. When you consider that the team made the decision to grant him the captaincy of their team, I have no problem believing that they mean every word. 

Unfortunately as far as I can tell at this time the only updates on his status are coming directly from the Dynamo organization itself, so we may have to wait some time before we can bring you an update on what exactly is going on with Fayzutdinov. Rest assured however we will stay on top of this story and we will of course be keeping Timur in our thoughts as he continues to fight for his life.