Dzingel leaves practice with an injury after being “shoved” by his teammate.

Tough break.

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It is always frustrating when a player on your favorite National Hockey League team gets injured and it's even more frustrating when it appears to happen in a situation that could have been easily avoided. 

On Monday the Ottawa Senators gathered for a routine morning skate and for a while it was as uneventful as you would expect a practice between teammates to be, that is at least until it was not. There was a sudden incident that occurred, one that most around the practice appeared to miss, and one that led to veteran forward Ryan Dzingel leaving the ice with a member of the Senators training staff by his side. 

At first we were unable to ascertain what had happened to cause Dzingel to leave the ice but we could clearly see that he was favoring the left side of his body, indicating that he had perhaps suffered some form of injury. Thankfully the keen eyes of Ottawa Senators reporter Dean Brown were on the scene and he apparently saw the entire thing go down.

According to Brown both Ryan Dzingel and Ottawa Senators teammate Zack Smith were participating in a drill at the time of the incident, and it sounds like Smith may in fact have been the cause of the injury to Dzingel. Brown reports that Smith "shoved" Dzingel into the boards during the drill and that is the exact moment that Dzingel began to favor his left arm or shoulder area. Obviously getting injured by your fellow teammates is going to be an extremely frustrating experience for anyone.

To be fair to Smith here it does not sound like, based on the language used by Brown, as if he was trying to injure Dzingel in any way shape or form. Brown's description of a shove into the boards does not sound like a player laying a big hit into a teammate at practice and instead it sounds a lot more like this was probably just some really unfortunate luck on the part of the Ottawa Senators. 

No word yet from the Senators regarding the health or status of Dzingel at this time, but with the trainers already looking at him we'll like know more in the near future.