EA Sports roast Brad Marchand in recent update for NHL 20.

Marchand chirped in recent update.

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The National Hockey League has suspended play for the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season for at least the time being and fans have been left to look elsewhere for their hockey fix. Many among you have turned to the popular series of video games published by EA Sports , the most recent of which is of course the very popular NHL 20. Fans of that particular game found themselves laughing when a recent update from the developer of the game took a pretty blatant shot at one of the NHL's most notorious villains. 

EA Sports recently released update 1.60 for NHL 20 and although it brought a number of minor changes to the game there was one line in particular that stood out to most of those looking at the patch notes. One of the changes on the list was an update regarding Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand and a certain mishap he had earlier in the season, one that Marchand's critics aren't likely to let him forget anytime soon. Here were the patch notes from the recent update:

Fixed a case where an injured player would be unable to get off the ice

Fixed a case where players other than Marchand would lose the puck at the start of a penalty shot

Further improvements to AI over committing to the puck carrier in 2 on 1 situations

Improvements to ensure the weak side defender in a 2 on 2 won’t favor the pass lane over covering their assignments path to the net

Fixed a rare case where players weren’t able to pick up a puck when they were pending a request to line change

The offending is quite easy to spot as it is a clear jab at Marchand, but it does make you wonder how it made its way into the patch notes? Well a little detective work would tell you that EA's oldest and largest studio is located in Vancouver, Canada and the history between that city and the Bruins is still fresh in the memory of many. It is only speculation on my part but I do suspect that the location of EA's main studio may have played some role in that particular set of patch notes being released in their current form.