Early season woes add up in Toronto: two injured on the blue line!

Both players were injured in scrimmage…


Players have just started heading back to Toronto and already things are going wrong. On Monday, Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly was seen leaving scrimmage with an apparent injury and was not back on the ice later in the week to practice with teammates. 

Then, on Wednesday, it was Justin Holl’s turn to go down. While most insiders on scene did not see what happened during the scrimmage, they all noted how Holl exited the ice early with the help of a trainer. 

This is bad news for the Maple Leafs whose blue line was criticized quite a bit after their first-round exit in the postseason at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens. 

Of course, the loss of Rielly appears more significant than the one of Holl, though, depth isn’t that great of a luxury on the back end in Toronto. 

It’s unclear at whether or not Rielly’s actually injured, or could have just tweaked something and wanted to get off before he hurt himself even more. The same could be said of Holl. 

Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious as the Leafs play their first pre-season game in just over a week.