EBUG learns he may have to get ready on April Fools!
Kyle Konin/Instagram  

EBUG learns he may have to get ready on April Fools!

His family thought it was a prank for April Fools, but this is no joke!

Jonathan Larivee

His family thought he was being pranked, but this is no April Fools joke!

Emergency backup goalie Kyle Konin has just learned that he may have to suit up this evening when the Tampa Bay Lightning take on the Detroit Red Wings. The news comes due to the fact that Lightning goaltender Jonas Johansson is currently dealing with a lower-body injury, one that is expected to impact his ability to serve in a backup role this evening.

"There's a little concern on JJ, so we've got the EBUG on call here and we'll see what happens," said Lightning head coach Jon Cooper. "Nothing, I think, super long-term, but concerning that it may have an effect on him backing up tonight. "

As you might expect this is a pretty big moment from Konin who rushed to text his family members about the big news, with his father allegedly responding by asking him to make sure he wasn't being pranked on April Fools.

Konin had a hilarious response when he was asked when his most recent high level hockey game had occurred.

"High level? Depends on who you ask," he said. "If Beer League doesn’t count, we do some scrimmages here during preseason and all the training camp stuff."

While we are unlikely to see Konin in action this evening, it will no doubt be a huge game for him nonetheless.