ECHL'S Komets rocked by serious allegations of fraud

This is a crazy story.

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Earlier today former Fort Wayne Komets defenseman Will Petschenig released a statement concerning his release from the team. Petschenig walked away from the team in February under strange circumstances. One minute he was in the lineup and contributing and the next minute he was placed on a 14 day leave. 

Well… today Petschenig took to Twitter to announce the reasoning behind his departure from the team. And… well it’s not pretty.

Check it out:

So, in effect the Komets forged Petschenig’s signature just so they could place him on the IR without his consent. WTF!?!? That’s fraud! Even worse it’s just an awful way to treat a member of your organization, let alone another human being. The disrespect and entitlement from the Komets here is just astounding.

Needless to say the Komets have come under a firestorm of scrutiny for their role in all of this.