Eddie Olczyk appears to call out Leah Hextall for 'imitating' John Forslund's goal call.

Eddie Olczyk appears to call out Leah Hextall for 'imitating' John Forslund's goal call.

The former NHL player turned NHL broadcaster appeared to take exception to a goal call from Leah Hextall earlier in the week.

Jonathan Larivee

There was something of an unusual interaction on air during one of the National Hockey League broadcasts over the weekend, one that did not go unnoticed by attentive fans who caught every word of it.

Veteran NHL broadcaster Eddie Olczyk appeared to put fellow NHL broadcaster Leah Hextall on blast on Saturday, when he made some relatively vague allusions to famous calls being copied by other broadcasters. Olczyk's tone during his comments appeared to indicate that he was clearly irritated by something, but he never called anyone out specifically or even so much as mentioned a name.

"It is the sincerest form of flattery right, is imitation?" asked a frustrated sounding Olczyk. "But if you are going to imitate somebody, like on a goal call, just make sure you give that person credit please. Ok? Right is that fair? JT that's fair right?"

Fans were quick to put two and two together given the other people in the booth with Olczyk at the time of his comments, including fellow NHL broadcaster John Forslund who is the 'JT' referenced above. Earlier in the week, prior to Olczyk making these comments, Leah Hextall used Forslund's famous "hey hey what do you say" during a game between the Seattle Kraken and Arizona Coyotes this past Thursday after the Kraken scored their 4th goal of the game.

You can hear both the clip that is suspected to have led to Olczyk's comments, as well as the comments themselves in the short video below.

Here's an example of Forslund doing the call himself, as he has done countless times in the past:

Do you agree with Eddie Olczyk on this one, if he was indeed calling out Hextall as many believe he was, or did he perhaps go a step too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.