Edmonton employees break rules after McDavid’s triumph!

Uh oh…

Edmonton employees break rules after McDavid’s triumph!

Captain Connor McDavid recorded his first ever playoff hat trick while leading the Edmonton Oilers to a 6-3 win Monday night in NHL qualifying play.

Being in the city of Edmonton for the Western matchups, we bet McDavid was glad to pull the feat at home even if the fans weren’t in attendance… Well, that’s not completely true either… 

Some of the Rogers Arena staff broke some rules last night as they wanted to celebrate their captain’s feat. McDavid scored 19 seconds into the game, then found the back on the net on a solo rush just past the four-minute mark, and added one more on the power play late in the second period at Rogers Place.

On the video below, you can see arena staff members rushing towards the rink with hats to throw onto the ice to properly celebrate a hat trick. One employee can be seen with a mask one, throwing what appears to be new Oilers’ hats on the ice to make the captain feel like he pulled it off in front of fans. 

They better follow the rules because some rival teams might get mad to see so much support for the Oilers. The staff also need respect the space that has quickly been put together to host the playoff tournament and the rules put forward by the league. 

However, you have to trust that every member of staff is following regulations and won’t hurt the process of the postseason in Edmonton. Or Toronto. 

However, no one has recorded a hat trick for the Maple Leafs… yet. :P