Eichel makes a number of comments that point to an offseason trade out of Buffalo

“Listen, my No. 1 interest is Jack Eichel, you know what I mean?”, says the disgruntled Sabres captain.


If you're a Buffalo Sabres fan, I wouldn't go investing in Jack Eichel merchandise this offseason.

Eichel, the Sabres' captain, finally met with the media today to close out the Sabres season and you didn't exactly have to read between the lines to see that the 24 year old is seeking a change of scenery. It's been a rough go for Eichel in Buffalo almost since the start of his career and if this season showed us anything it's that the Sabres are still a long, looooong ways away from contending. With time ticking on Eichel's prime years, you can hardly blame him for being fed up.

I mean... just check out some of these quotes:

Yikes... the team meddling in the medical decisions of a superstar player? Shades of Eric Lindros, anyone?

Then there's this:

He's history, right? It's clear to me that he's sick of being jerked around. He's sick of the directionless approach the team takes. He's sick of it all. And frankly, after six wasted seasons who can blame him?

Yep... he's history.