Elias Pettersson scores the goal of the year with nifty deke around Shesterkin

Elias Pettersson scores the goal of the year with nifty deke around Shesterkin

What a move! What hands!



Vancouver Canucks forward and pending restricted free agent Elias Pettersson stands to become a very, very rich man when he signs his next deal. Canucks fans are just hoping that it's with their team and that it's before he breaks the bank by scoring goals like this:

A goal so nice, we've got to see it twice:

And if that's not enough for ya, how about this dirty dangle from Nils Hoglander:

Absolute filth from the Canucks' Swedish contingent. But then again... that's nothing new, right?

In other Canucks news, read below for our earlier published story on Canucks superfan and WWE Diva Chesea Green.

If you're a WWE wrestling fan and NHL hockey fan, you know doubt got a kick out of WWE Diva Chelsea Green serving up a bit of a crossover treat for you this past Friday night.

The Victoria, BC native donned the blue, green and white of her beloved Vancouver Canucks for WWE Smackdown in Vancouver.

Check it out:

Oh, mama! The Canucks have never looked better!

I may not have been a Canucks fan before, but I sure as Hell am now!

Ironically though, Green lost her match and played the role of heel in her return home. She ended up turning on the crowd after her match, calling Vancouver a "miserable place" and renouncing her Canadian citizenship.

“I did what my buddy Luongo did and I moved to the most magical place on Earth... Florida!” she told the crowd. “From this day forward, I want the record to show that I will be announced as Chelsea Green from the United States of America!”

She got her start in the wrestling world with BC based Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) back in 2014. She worked her way through the Western Canadian underground wrestling circuit before travelling to Japan and India in 2016 and then returning to North America to wrestle with TNA in 2017.

Green got her started with the WWE back in 2018, debuting with a 'psycho ex-girlfriend' gimmick in her early matches. She eventually broke her wrist in 2019 and had to undergo surgery and rehabilitation. She returned to action for 2020 but broke her wrist again and was eventually released from her contract in 2021 after months of inactivity. She has since rejoined the organization and won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship with partner Piper Riven.

I'll be honest, I haven't watched pro wrestling since I was about 15 years old but I MIGHT have to check back in because I don't remember Ric Flair and the Big Boss Man looking like this back when I was into wrestling...

Source: MSG