Elias Pettersson skewered again for faking injury.
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Elias Pettersson skewered again for faking injury.

The Vancouver Canucks star forward is taking heavy criticism for blaming his performance on an injury.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vancouver Canucks have reportedly been left stunned by comments made by star forward Elias Pettersson, at least that is what one National Hockey League insider is now reporting.

NHL insider Frank Seravalli was recently a guest on the Sekeres and Price podcast, a Vancouver-focused podcast, and it was there that he dropped bombshell after bombshell regarding the aforementioned Pettersson. Seravalli had previously made comments during the Stanley Cup playoffs suggesting that he felt the injury concerns surrounding Pettersson were not credible, but he took that to the extreme during this most recent appearance.

"His agent who is also an attorney acknowledged that at no point during the playoffs did Elias Pettersson feel the need to even see a doctor," said Seravalli during the show.

Following the Canucks elimination at the hands of Canadian rivals the Edmonton Oilers, Pettersson attempted to blame some of his lackluster playoff performance on a knee injury. Seravalli has not only cast doubt on the severity of that injury, but has outright questioned its voracity altogether. The insider has claimed that the Canucks themselves were shocked by Pettersson's comments at the end of the season.

"I've talked to multiple people about this since this came out," began Seravalli. "The Canucks first of all are not liars, second they don't let people take bullets unnecessarily. I think they were jaws on the ground floored to hear Pettersson try and blame part of his issues and play this second half of the season on the knee."

Seravalli wasn't done there.

"I think they were really surprised to hear it," emphasized the insider. "I think it was a cop-out to the nth degree."

Perhaps Seravalli's most damning comments came after he described Pettersson as a 'player creating an excuse out of the clear blue sky' and were regarding how the Canucks themselves view the seriousness of Pettersson's injury.

"The Canucks felt that he was the 15th or 17th most injured player on their roster," said Seravalli firmly. "That's what I believe."

Seravalli also suggested that this may have damaged Pettersson's reputation within the Canucks locker room.

"I don't think Pettersson did himself any favors with his teammates, with the team, with anyone," said Seravalli.

You can listen to Seravalli's comments in the short video linked below, the Pettersson topic is the very first one broached.