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Elliotte Friedman comes out to explain what Evander Kane’s alarming update means

The insider explains:


Edmonton Oilers forward remains on the mend after suffering one of the scariest injury of the 2022-23 season. Last month, Kane’s his left wrist was cut by a skate blade of Tampa Bay Lightning’s Pat Maroon. He was rushed to the local hospital to undergo surgery and is now out for three or four months.

The forward however provided a worrisome update recently and Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman attempted to explain in his 32 Thoughts column what he meant when Kane revealed on the After Hours segment on Nov. 19 with Scott Oake.

“The Oilers winger indicated he has yet to recover feeling in his thumb from the severed nerves suffered during the gruesome skate cut in Tampa Bay. I’ve followed up on that, and a couple of doctors indicated that is not unusual and not — at this point — a cause for concern. It can take a while for that to return. At this point, his timeline is unchanged.”

This is good to hear. When Kane explained how the injury and its recovery was going, fans got worried and the forward was trending. Again.

The Oilers have missed Kane ever since he was put on the sideline. The fact that the timeline for his return remains unchanged will reassure the fanbase.

Kane has five goals and 13 points in 14 games this season. He signed a four-year, $20.5 million contract ($5.125 million average annual value) on July 13.

The Oilers cannot wait to have him back, but he will need to recover feeling in his thumb to get back to scoring!

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.