Elliotte Friedman floats crazy “conspiracy theory” involving Alex DeBrincat

Does this stand a chance of happening?



Fans of the Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators, two rivals in the NHL's Atlantic Division, are waiting on pins and needles ahead of the start of the 2023 NHL Draft to see what materializes in the form of what would be a franchise altering trade.

By now, you've surely heard all of the rumors of Michigan native Alex DeBrincat coming "home" to play for the Red Wings. The current Senators forward has reportedly rejected a long term extension that would keep him in the Canadian capital city long term, and the team is looking to move him for what they feel is a fair return.

So far, we've seen plenty of trade options that the Red Wings could offer the Senators in return for DeBrincat, including one of their two first round selections (No. 9 or No. 17) along with a prospect or current NHL player like Filip Zadina. 

But could there be some hidden trick up Detroit general manager Steve Yzerman's sleeve? According to NHL Insider Elliott Friedman, there's an interesting "conspiracy theory" that could materialize later tonight. 

During this mornings "32 Thoughts" podcast alongside Jeff Marek, Friedman suggested that the Red Wings could actually use their 1st round selection, and then subsequently flip that player to the Senators to acquire DeBrincat: 

"It's grind time, (Senators GM) Pierre Dorian said he doesn't need a Number 1 this year," Friedman said. "There was a crazy conspiracy theory I heard that maybe Detroit would draft a player Ottawa likes since Ottawa doesn't have high picks, and then flip that player to Ottawa for DeBrincat." 

"Like I said, it's a conspiracy theory and you hear a lot of crazy stuff right now, but that's out there. I mean look - a lot of people think at some point in time, DeBrincat will be a Red Wing. But you don't think that Yzerman knows that everyone thinks that? So it's hard, and Dorian is trying to squeeze the best deal he can out there. Dorian needs another team who has the cap room and who really wants him." 

Source: Sportsnet