Elvis Merzlikins goes after Tom Wilson and gets absolutely clocked
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Elvis Merzlikins goes after Tom Wilson and gets absolutely clocked

The CBJ netminder tries to throw down with the NHL's heavyweight champ!



Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson has built a career on his ability to get under his opponent's skin.

The 6'4", 220 lb winger is an absolutely bowling ball on the ice and isn't afraid to mix it up with anyone out there. He doesn't care if you're an enforcer like Ryan Reaves or, evidently, a goaltender like Elvis Merzlikins.

Check out Columbus Blue Jackets netminder Merzlikins absolutely EATING a right hand from Wilson after he tried to get at Wilson following a crease altercation.

Check out the entire scene here:

You can see Merzlikins throw the first punch at a downed Wilson, but once Wilson gets his feet under him that's when things go south quickly for the goaltender. Credit for the officials for getting in there before Wilson absolutely cleaned Merzlikins clock.

It was Wilson who ended up getting the last laugh on the season though as Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin iced the game in OT with his first tally in 14 games:

And if you thought things couldn't get worse for Merzlikins tonight, well think again. The Capitals' traveling photographer got this absolutely incredible shot of the Capitals, with Wilson right in the middle, celebrating the goal while looking directly at Merzlikins himself.

Check out this photo of the year candidate:

What a shot. Almost as good as Ovi's.

Source: Bleacher Report