Embarrassing fumble during penalty shot in Vancouver!

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Late on Tuesday, the Nashville Predators went head to head against the Vancouver Canucks, and in the first period of the action, they were handed the chance to take the lead on a rare penalty shot.

That’s because Liam Foudy went off on a breakaway only to be slashed by Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers. The blue liner was not only penalized for his slash, but Foudy was immediately awarded a penalty shot.

As he stood at center ice in Vancouver in front of the local fans, Foudy might have felt a little too much pressure to face goalie Thatcher Demko. He heard the whistle and skated off in front of the netminder, only to end up slipping and whiffing the puck wide against Demko.

This was Foudy’s first penalty shot attempt of his career, but he lost his footing, tripping over himself while entering the zone. He did try to get control back of the puck, but whiffed it badly and missed wide on the ensuing shot.

You can tell by Foudy’s reaction following his shot attempt how embarrassed he feels and how he wish he could get another chance at this penalty shot attempt. Of course, the crowd in Vancouver mocked him, which probably added to the embarrassment and his desire to go hide in the Predators' dressing room... 

This was just Foudy’s second game as a member of the Predators after he landed in Nashville on October 21st as he was picked up from waivers where the Columbus Blue Jackets had placed him.

Foudy is a first round pick, 18th overall by Columbus, in the 2018 NHL Draft. So far he is young NHL career, he has collected seven goals and 20 points in just 92 games.

And he is now 0-1 in penalty shots…

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Source: Sportsnet