Empty arenas put players in a tough situation that could land some in trouble!

Even broadcasters are freaking out!

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Fans may be getting impact to get some action back on the ice and see the National Hockey League resumes its activities in the coming month, we found out on Thursday it might be worth the wait. 

As players are most likely going to be forced to play in empty arena, it sounds like fans will get to hear everything that is being said on the ice, which will offer fans an in-depth look at the action and most importantly, the chirping that takes place. 

“It’s going to be unavoidable,” said TSN analyst Ray Ferraro, who sees and hears a lot of the chatter from his spot between the benches on broadcasts. “I think there are going to be things that fans are going to hear that are both good and bad. You’ll notice players yell ‘reverse’ and you’ll hear and see players’ instincts jumping the play.
“But you’re also going to hear some things you don’t like. A lot of fans tell me they want more access to what’s said, but it’s like Jack Nicholson on the stand in/A Few Good Men/when he says, ‘You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!’ For some fans, there is going to be swearing to a point that they won’t like it.”

Calgary Flames forward even admitted in an interview with TSN that “we’re going to have to keep it PG. I guess there will be a lot that’s left unsaid.”

For the player who crosses the line, there could not only be discipline from the NHL, but also judgement and heat from society. 

This is however a fun way to connect with fans despite the fact that they aren’t in the arena where the action is taking place. We will have to see the positive in connecting in a different with our favourite players on the ice as we’ll get to hear everything that they said to one another.