Eric Lindros sends a message to Connor Bedard.
Chris Szagola/CSM/Zuma  

Eric Lindros sends a message to Connor Bedard.

The record holder speaks!

Jonathan Larivee

Canadian hockey sensation Connor Bedard has been absolutely tearing it up at the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Junior Hockey Championship tournament and now it is seemingly just a question of how many records he will break before the tournament is all wrapped up.

One of the records currently being threatened by Bedard is the record for most career points by a Canadian player at the tournament, a record that is currently held by former Philadelphia Flyers captain Eric Lindros. Lindros, who represented Canada at the tournament as a younger man, managed to record a whopping 31 points at the tournament between 1990 and 1992, a record that Bedard is almost certain to obliterate.

Bedard isn't close to done yet but he has already tied Lindros' record with 31 points recorded between 2022 and 2023 at the tournament and now only needs 1 more point to claim the record for himself. Bedard though has done it in 8 fewer games and also has a few additional records in his sights. Bedard, who currently is tied in both these categories, also has a chance to collect the record for most points by a Canadian in a single tournament and most assists by a Canadian in a single tournament with Bedard needing only a single assist to claim both records for himself.

On Monday morning, Lindros addressed the fact that his record is about to be broken in the most wholesome way imaginable. He not only encouraged Bedard to break his record, but encouraged him to go out and destroy it.

"Happy New Year! Don’t just break the record Connor Bedard, smash it!" wrote Lindros on Twitter before adding "Win the tournament. Go Canada!"