Erik Gudbranson destroys Nick Cousins after dirty hit.

Erik Gudbranson destroys Nick Cousins after dirty hit.

Nick Cousins lays a very dangerous hit on Erik Gudbranson, but only manages to make him angry.

Jonathan Larivee

Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins is probably regretting this hit right around now, and in more ways than one.

On Sunday afternoon, Cousins and the Panthers took on the Columbus Blue Jackets and it would be during that game that Cousins would deliver a questionable hit to Blue Jackets defenseman Erik Gudbranson. Cousins would nail Gudbranson from behind, sending him head first intot he boards, but unbelievably Gudbranson seemed to shake it off almost instantly.

Cousins seemingly only managed to awaken a monster within Gudbranson who bounced back up and tried to get a piece of the man who had done him wrong.

Although Gudbranson would fail to get his hands on Cousins and dole out the punishment he felt was warranted on the Florida Panthers forward, he wouldn't let Cousins get away with his actions for long. During the third period, Gudbranson would abandon the play and go after Cousins, throwing him to the ice violently before mauling him as Cousins did nothing but turtle and try to avoid the punishment.

Even after the officials stepped in, Gudbranson was still delivering punches to his opponent.

No doubt the NHL's Department of Player Safety will be having a busy day thanks to this game.