Erik Karlson explodes over “disrespectful” non-call

He was heated!



The usually mild-mannered Erik Karlsson was anything but during and after Tuesday night's game against the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena. 

Karlsson absolutely lost it against on-ice referees Gord Dwyer and Corey Syvret after he was on the receiving end of an inadvertent high stick from Colorado's Alex Newhook; the would-be infraction drew blood from Karlsson's mouth, which according to the rules, warrants a four minute double minor penalty. However, both pairs of eyes in stripes missed it, and it would eventually be the Avalanche heading to the power play after Karlsson launched his helmet from the bench in protest before heading back to the dressing room for repairs. 

When you see the replay, you can understand why Karlsson was so miffed.

And afterward in his postgame comments, Karlsson went further by accusing the officials of disrespecting him by missing the penalty; though he did issue an apology for tossing his helmet. 

“It’s just a little disrespectful,” Karlsson said. “Understand that they have a tough job. Things are gonna get missed and stuff, but I found that was a hard one to miss.”

He added: “To get disrespected like that, it’s tough to take. I lost my cool a little bit after that. I apologize for that, but doesn’t matter if it’s a 6-nothing game or 1-nothing game, you’re still out there trying to play our hardest.”

According to head coach David Quinn, who was ejected from a game earlier this week after shouting his disagreement to the on-ice officials, he was told that they simply didn't see it. 

“Yeah, they said they didn’t see it,” Quinn said. “Corey (Syvret) said he was behind [Karlsson] and didn’t see it.”

It would be the Avalanche who would ultimately be smelling blood in the water, burying the Sharks by a 6-0 final score.