Erik Karlsson addresses a possible return to Ottawa.

Could it really happen?

Jonathan Larivee

It's hard to believe that a defenseman that currently has accumulated a whopping 33 points in the first 27 games of the regular season is being talked about as a potential trade target, but that is exactly the situation that San Jose Sharks star defenseman Erik Karlsson finds himself in.

Karlsson has been the topic of rampant trade speculation and it comes as Karlsson is in the midst of a major resurgence this season, no doubt making him an extra valuable commodity from the perspective of the Sharks. Karlsson though controls his destiny in this scenario with a full no-movement clause that will allow him to dictate where and when the Sharks can trade him, if they do in fact go through with the trade.

One of the team's that has repeatedly come up as trade speculation heats up around Karlsson is his former team in the Ottawa Senators. The team is about to find itself in the hands of new ownership, which would in theory give Karlsson a clean slate when it comes to rejoining the team, and on Saturday he was asked about the possibility of a return to the Senators.

"I don't know. It's so far away. If I had the answer to those questions I would have changed my approach a little bit but we can't live like that," admitted Karlsson. "I'm just happy to be here right now and playing at the level that I am."

Karlsson would also be asked about his desires during a brief interview with National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman on Saturday evening, and the talented Swede appeared to indicate that he was interested in going somewhere where he could compete for a Stanley Cup championship.

"I want to win," said Karlsson. "That's why I started playing this sport when I was a little kid. I used to cry after every loss, I don't do that anymore, but that's what I want. When you're younger you think you've got all the time in the world and you don't realize how fast time goes. I hope that I get the chance to at least have a chance at it again."